Create Properity and Abundance RIght Now

Years ago, I thought I had to be a job working for someone else with no freedom or flexibility in order to be prosperous.  For several years I had a job–a very stressful job–that  I hated.  I continued only because it paid well.  I may have made big paychecks, but it led to a lot of stress and unhappiness.  I would cry at my desk almost daily and think “I can’t do this another minute.”  I felt as though the job was killing my soul.

Finally, I decided to focus on what I loved to do: teaching, coaching and my art rather than focusing on making money.   I found that what I thought I needed to do to make money was an illusion.  Now, money seems to flow into my life doing what I love to do.  I don’t make a big deal over the numbers these days, whereas before I was always measuring my success by the money I brought in each month.  Now, I measure my success by my happiness and enjoyment of life and in doing what I love, helping others in their personal journeys and transformation.

Wanting and craving more money does not invites abundance.  The Law of Attraction tells us that when we are in a state of worry and lack, we are going to attract more of the same.  Thus we have to release our fears around not making enough money and the fear of being poor.   Can you let go of your fear of and resistance to not making enough money?  Can you imagine that you would still enjoy your life even if you did go broke and did not have enough money to pay your bills?  If you can accept that it’s not the money that’s going to control your happiness quotient, you will then be able to attract more abundance into your life.  The Field does not respond favorably to lack and neediness in any form.  Just as people looking for partnership turn others off if they are too needy, so can we turn prosperity off in our lives if we are clenching to every dollar and feeling stressed that there may not be enough.

Begin today to change the way you relate to and think about prosperity and abundance. Create more and more ways to feel prosperous and abundant in your life. Relax around money rather than clenching and clawing for every dollar.   Release your fears around money and know that there will always be enough.  Feel it in your bones that your happiness is not dependent on how much money you make or save or owe.

True abundance should be measured by all the wonderful moments in your life not by the number in your bank account.  Take the time to be in gratitude for all the ways that you are prosperous; feeling prosperous as often as you can will bring more prosperity and abundance into your life than you can imagine.  So take the time to create prosperity and abundance right now!   How?  Simply take the time to create more opportunities to feel abundance every day.  Appreciate the simple pleasures in life more and equate them with abundance.  Feel a sense of prosperity as you spend fun times your friends or enjoy a romantic evening with your partner.  Feel the abundance in your life as you share a delicious meal with your family, spend fun times with your friends, or receive a sweet hug from a child. 

As we feel more abundant and happy in our lives and don’t let any number in our bank account rob us of that, we attract more abundance in all its forms.

Try to release any fear around money now and focus your attention on all the ways that you truly are prosperous.  Then watch as the abundance begins to flow more and more in your life.