Success Stories

“Pamela was more than a coach; she was a guide, a mentor and a teacher. She helped me get in touch with my unique gifts—stop hiding them—and understand that it was my responsibility to share them with the world—and with a partner.”
Blair H ~Winter Park, FL

“I attribute many of the positive changes I made
in my life and especially finding and marrying my perfect partner to the work I did with Pamela.

I got so many practical life lessons. I still have pieces of paper taped to my mirrors with insightful things she said that affected me.

Pamela was very generous with her time and was always available to answer any of our questions outside class. I just can’t say enough great things about her. Her classes were so important that I still re-read my notes and the handouts to refresh my memory and continue to practice what I learned. Again, thanks to her classes, I attracted and married my perfect partner (and this was after years of dating the wrong men!) What she teaches really works! ”  ~Teresa, V.  ~Melbourne, FL

“At age 50, Pamela was my first coaching experience.  Now almost ten years later my, appreciation remains very strong, as those sessions were the “course correction” I knew I needed.  I was ready (a bit desperate ?) for a change from three decades of following my head not my heart.  While many aspects of life were satisfactory, there had to be MORE.

I tried to approach the Coaching from an   analytical mind perspective.  Pamela was having no part of that!!  Her confidence in guiding me was a reassuring and I readily opened myself up to her wisdom.  Looking back now, the process was swift, and the results permanent.” ~Pam A.  ~Orlando, Florida

I have greatly enjoyed working with Pamela over the past six months. During this time she has guided me in a way which led me to follow my heart and pursue a path that is authentic to me. She keeps my actions consistent with my desires and calls me out when I am off course. Through this work I have been able to uncover my true desires in my career path and what I truly want and need in a partner.

Pamela is very committed to me as a client and works
well beyond our session. She is always well prepared
when we meet, and I feel like I have a true teammate who
is always on my side. I enjoy working with Pamela and
wholeheartedly recommend her for anyone who is interested
in investing in themselves, whether to find their soul mate or
their life path. She changed my life in both these areas.”
~Bill C. ~Orlando, FL

“Everything changed in my life when I learned the techniques you teach. It was much different from what I thought the law of attraction was, but it works.  Things are happening that I never dreamed possible.  Changing myself really did change my whole life. And now it makes perfect sense.  Thank you a thousand times over!” ~Kelly T.  ~Los Angeles, CA

“I did an iStudy course with Pamela and am currently doing my second. This work is changing my life more than any course I’ve ever taken (and I
have taken many though the years).  The care and guidance I receive from Pamela are beyond what I expected.  She puts her whole heart into what she’s
teaching and into my progress as well.”
~Angela Z. ~Sydney, Australia

“This work is amazing and coupled with Pamela’s intuitive guidance, it is a wonderful combination.  I highly recommend the iStudy Courses to anyone who wants not only to learn more about the Law of Attraction but be challenged to apply it and make it more than just ideas floating around in your head.” ~Carolyn T.  ~Raleigh, NC

“I took Pamela’s LOA Courses (all three levels!) after I did coaching with her.  It was the perfect next step.  In a safe environment, self-limiting beliefs and fears were vanquished.  New tools and methods were learned.  Pamela’s husband, John M. Tatum, MD, taught heart meditation.  An easy, simple, powerful method to tap into basic wisdom and truth.

Through this work, the re-emergence of my true self happened as I remembered and trusted who I really am.

By offering these teachings, Pamela is manifesting her dharma.  For anyone seeking  more clarity, direction and peace, I highly recommend making a commitment with Pamela to explore your potential; attract what you truly desire and create the life you dream of!” ~Pamela A.  ~Orlando, FL

“In one session, you helped me changed my
entire thinking about love. I am seeing a whole
world of possibilities and feeling my soul mate
does exist after all. I look forward to more work with you.”
~Derrek C., Lake Mary, FL