VIP Transformation Coaching Program

The Private Client, VIP Transformation Coaching program is a six-month program for people ready to take on a commitment to making transformational changes in themselves and their lives.  


Pamela’s Coaching Program is perfect for you if:

  • You want an intense coaching experience with tons of support, tools for transforming your life, and accountability
  •  You are ready to begin creating the life you want now and take radical responsibility for what you create
  •  You are ready to stop believing in your limitations and stop giving energy to your past, this is for you.
  • are ready to see dramatic results in your life in a relatively short period of time

Whether you want to work on your relationships, a business dream or finding your life purpose, if you are committed to diving deep into yourself to effect the change you want in your life, the Transformation Coaching programs are designed for you.

I will personally teach you the true way to create what you want in your life. We are going to do both the inner work (transformation of mindset, clarity of vision, and understanding your own unique brilliance), then we move to the outer work required for success, the specific action steps to support the unfolding of your vision.

In the 6-Month VIP Transformation Coaching Program you will receive:

  • 24 one-on-one calls (ranging from 30-60 minutes) which will give you the keys to manifest your dreams: via TRANSFORM YOU & YOUR LIFE!
  • Weekly support emails and phone check in’s to make sure you’re staying on track.
  • FREE tuition to Pamela’s LOA Foundations, either the LIVE or i-Study version.
  • FREE tuition to Pamela’s LOA Advanced Course, either LIVE or i-Study Course (iStudy Course is for those who are unable to attend the LIVE Course in New Smyrna Beach and Port Orange, FL.)
  • Your choice of one of Pamela’s eBooks
    Everything is possible when you work on yourself and work at the level of consciousness. When you shift yourself from the inside out, everything in your life shifts.  You will find that what you want and need falls into place effortlessly.  I have very specific tools that will teach you how to create your life from the inside out, manifesting your dreams without struggle.

You will transform your thinking, attitudes, beliefs and let go of your self-imposed limitations.  You will discover your inner brilliance, learn how to live in your heart, how to live in the flow and manifest without struggle.  You will learn the skill of tuning into your Higher Self to receive insights, and so much more.  You are an ideal client for this program if you:

  • are an entrepreneur, coach,  visionary, artist, or have a big project or dream you are working on
  • are willing to focus on inner self not just that to-do list
  • resonate with the Law of Attraction and the Secret but know there must be a lot more to it
  • are ready to embrace your creative power, take radical responsibility for your life and not complain or blame anyone else again!
  • In my VIP Transformation Coaching program, you will go through a transformation that will allow you to take charge of your intentions and your life. You will step into your full creative power, begin vibrating at a whole new level, and attract what you truly want into your life with effortless ease.

Some of my clients have attracted their soul mates; others transformed their relationship with their children, their relationship with money; and even food. Some have discovered their purpose and passion. I help my clients come into alignment with who they truly want to be in the world. Seeing the transformations of my clients is why I love what I do. It has been amazing to witness.

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Please email to request an application for this program.


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