On-Going Mastery

Ongoing Mastery Program

This program is for graduates for LOA Foundations and LOA Advanced class who want to go deeper and have ongoing support for this work.  In this course, students will delve deeper into themselves, their gifts and their practice.  We will cover new concepts and review of material from the other courses to solidify knowledge and understand practical application.  This is a practicum where students are continually practicing the LOA concepts to shift and attract what they want into their lives.  Students will receive help as needed in resolving contradictions and removing blocks in specific staging areas.  The goal for everyone is shifting into greater alignment and the next best version of self.

This is an on going course that runs on 6-week intervals 4 times a year. 
Mondays, 6-7:30/7:45PM
January 21- February 25, 2013
Tuition: $150
Early bird: $135 through January 11.