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“Great is the man who can overcome the world, but greater still is the man who can overcome himself, for he will have the world spinning on the palm of his hand.” –Confucius

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LAW OF ATTRACTION FOUNDATIONS:  Using the Law of Attraction to Manifest What You Want in Every Area of Your Life
(Enrollment Cap: 15 )

Tuesday evenings, January 22-Feb 28, 2013, from  6PM-8PM
Marcell Medical, 3959 South Nova Road, SUITE 5, Port Orange, FL 32127

What you will learn:

  • How and why the Law of Attraction works and how to use it to attract what you want in your life in all areas, love, money, life direction/career, & health
  • How to identify AND replace self-limiting beliefs–those roadblocks preventing you from having what you want
  • How to become a conscious creator in every staging area of your life
  • How to stop letting past hurts or traumas hold you back
  • What you can do to speed up the process of conscious creating
  • And much more!

You will also receive email support from Pamela.

The focus in this class will be first on understanding the true meaning of the Law of Attraction, how and why it works in your life.  You will uncover limiting beliefs and identity intentions that are holding you back from having what you want in all life’s staging areas: Love/Relationship, Life Direction/Career, Prosperity/Abundance, Health/Wellness.  During the course, Pamela, a master of law of attraction coaching, will answer your questions, work on any issue that has come up for you, and help facilitate those shifts in consciousness which will transform your life and help you learn how to manifest what you desire in every area of your life.

Tuition for the course:  $150 / Early Bird: $135 / Two-for-One: $125 each

Take Advantage of our EXTENDED Early Bird Registration:  Register for $135 if you register by Sunday, January 13th at midnight.

ALSO if you register with a friend/partner by Sunday, January 13, you will pay only $125 each!

You can mail a check, payable to Pamela Ramey Tatum, to 2180 Park Avenue North, Suite 326, Winter Park, FL 32169.  Please postmark by Monday, January 14, 2013, for the early bird prices.

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Regular Tuition, $150 paying after midnight 1/11/13

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Tuition, $135 paying before midnight 1/11/13 $135

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Tuition, $125 EACH, two friends or partners registering before 1/11/13

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