One extra Special Valentine’s Day Idea

One Extra Special Valentine’s Day Idea

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on, and rather than doing the usual box of chocolates and a romantic dinner out, why not be creative and put a little extra thought into it and show your loved one they are truly extra special to you.  Here are some ideas of ways you can show your special someone.  None of these costs a lot of money, but each idea allows you to be creative and invest a little more time which is what will speak more deeply to your lover’s heart.

SENSUAL PLEASURES: Give your lover the gift of sensual delight.  Prepare a sacred space, blanket, candles, sweet  smelling oils.  Choose something to tantalize all the senses and have your lover blindfolded as you lie him/her down and let the gifts begin…IDEAS:

TASTE: You might have a berry and whipped creme dessert topped with melted dark chocolate.

HEARING:  a favorite CD or you could make your own sounds with bells or chimes.

SMELL:  You can think essential oils here… Or you could tie it in with taste and have yummy things for your lover to smell and then taste.

TOUCH:  Use sensual fabrics like silk, satin, or velvet to accompany you in your delighting your partner.  You might think about contrasts, too.  Maybe using something slightly rough on the skin or maybe a leather belt, followed by satin or silk.  Another idea is to give a a sensual massage.  Whatever you do, you can decide to let it lead into the best love making ever, or just keep the energy playful and romantic.  It’s up to you.

SIGHT:  You have to un-blindfold your partner, of course.  Have on your sexiest lingerie and, well, use your imagination.

I hope you enjoy this idea and have fun with it.  For more ideas, see my other blog HERE.

Here’s to you having the best Valentine’s Day ever!


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