Living From Your Future Self

The new physics teaches that time and space are an illusion and that the future we desire already exists. This means that instead of trying to imagine what that future will be like from your present, you can actually travel to that future and experience it for real. NOW!

You can use the intending technique–which is about future causation–to ‘drop into your reality’ your desired dreams and visions which guarantees accelerated manifestation.

This has been one of the most profound techniques I have used.  It involves stepping into that future version of self that is already fulfilled in whatever way you’re wanting, and imagining what life is like there.  The insights that my students and myself have received while connecting to a desired future have gone beyond the limits of our present imagination or what we could have consciously contrived. The technique involves allowing information to arise organically during meditation so that that a real version of self emerges that fulfills your ideal version of self.

Once this is clear, simply step into that version of self, fall in love with that self.  Shift into a new reality in which you are that version already fulfilled.  And live from that place.

Ask yourself what kind of decisions that future version of yourself who has whatever you want in life make? How would this you think, feel and be? What solutions would they find? What successes would they have achieved?  What challenges would they have overcome? And so on.  You can see that if you live from the future version of yourself, you will have to know these answers and more importantly live them.

Practice stepping into your future on a regular basis. Hold a ‘future perspective when making decisions, setting goals or dealing with challenges.  Make decisions from that version of yourself as much as possible.

For example:  Imagine that you are feeling like you are not ready for that big promotion at the office. But when you step into the future you, you are in that position and performing well, earning more money and feeling much more empowered and fulfilled in your career.  So decisions you make at your job from this moment on should be from that place.  How would the YOU who is in that position behave?  Would you stay a little late?  Help others achieve their goals?  Be more invested in the outcome of the company’s goals.  Be that version and watch as you become promoted or move on to a company–or start your own–that allows that version of you to exist now.

What would that future you – the healed, empowered, loving, successful self that you are becoming – think, feel and be? Connect to that future and allow it to have voice in your world today, in the thoughts, feelings and actions you choose.

Have a wonderful amazing week!

Here’s to all your best intentions!


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